It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Wine Hangovers

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Wine Hangovers

There’s nothing like a glass of wine to end a long week, whether you’re unwinding at home or out celebrating with friends.


Unfortunately this past time that has been enjoyed for centuries can have some pretty serious side effects. Even if you limit yourself to just one or two glasses of wine, many people still find themselves suffering from headaches the following day. 

Often referred to as wine allergies, the headaches are caused by a reaction to histamines and sulfites naturally occurring in wine. Though wine is filtered during the wine-making process, this is generally just to remove particles you can see, such as skins and pulp. What traditional filters leave behind is the stuff that makes you feel crappy the next day, like the histamines and sulfites.

pure wine

Until now. A father and son team of scientists, David and Derek Parks sought out to fully understand and then save themselves from the effects of wine allergies they both suffered. And thanks to their hard work, we can now all enjoy our wine without the worry of a post-drink headache with the PureWine Wand.

purewine wand

The wand uses a unique and precise filtration system to selectively remove sulfites and histamines from wine, without changing the overall chemistry or taste of the wine.

The wand is a single use filter meant to purify any glass of wine and is available starting as a 5 pack for $9.99. While each wand is meant to be discarded after one use, PureWine also sells a 90 pack so you never have to worry about running out. Even better, they’ve also created a single-use aerator that removes sulfites and histamines from an entire bottle of your favorite red or white, while also handling standard aerating tasks.

The Wand is available on Amazon and both the Wand and the Wave are available directly from PureWine’s website. 

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