This Invention Fixes The Biggest Problem With Dirty Makeup Brushes

This Invention Fixes The Biggest Problem With Dirty Makeup Brushes

Let me paint you a picture – You’re motivated to do some cleaning and decide you’re going to start with your makeup brushes. You head over to the sink, turn on the water, pick up a brush and gently begin to wet it. You then pour some brush cleaner soap onto your hand and start the endless process of massaging the soap into the bristles to try and squeeze all the makeup out of it.

Each time you think you’re done and put it under the sink for a final rinse, somehow there’s still makeup pouring out of the brush and down the drain. If you’re not careful, easily 15 minutes can be spent just trying to clean one brush. Oh and don’t forget about the drying time… Sound familiar to anyone?

Well then, it’s time to turn off the sink and put down your dirty brushes because Luxe beauty products seem to have found the perfect solution. They recognized time is a valuable thing to have and there’s nothing worse for your skin than having a dirty brush. So they decided to create a brush cleaner that will deep clean and dry your brushes super fast. Their cleaner is specifically designed to get all the dirt, grime, and oil out of your brushes all while just giving you the task of pressing a button.

So how does this work? To start, you just fill the glass bowl with water and soap, then place your brush into the rubber collar on the spinner (there’s a different collar for every sized brush). Next, you choose the level of agitation you prefer and watch it spin for approximately 10 seconds. After you’re done being mesmerized, lift the brush out of the solution and spin it for a couple more seconds in order for it to dry.

It comes with a brush spinner, charging station, a glass bowl, various rubber collars, a bottle of Luxe Makeup Cleaning Solution, more. This product can be purchased directly from their website or from Amazon! Happy cleaning!

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