The Chefs At This Burger Joint Are Robots

The Chefs At This Burger Joint Are Robots

Ever wonder when robots would be serving you piping hot burgers? While that may sound a bit futuristic to be reality, it’s happening right now at a restaurant called Creator

The robot burger machine serves a variety of specialty burgers, not just your average hamburger with ketchup and mustard. Smoked oyster aioli, shitake mushroom sauce, chili achar, and mango ailoli are just some of the many ingredients that can be served on your speciality burger. And they’ll only set you back $6 – $7.

Patrons get to observe the machine as it make their meals because the robot is in a viewable glass encasing. Watch your tomatoes being sliced and placed on your burger, or see how your burger is seasoned.

But Creator isn’t an employee-free restaurant by any means. Employees with Apple watches control the machine while other employees take your order on a tablets, according to visitors who’ve left reviews on their experience at the restaurant.

Creator is located in San Francisco, California, and so if you’re ever in the area and are looking for a tech-fulfilled lunchtime, you can have your own robot chef experience between the hours of 11 am to 2 pm.

Photo credit: Creator

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