These Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Turn You Into Ironman

These Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Turn You Into Ironman

What would you do if with the blink of an eye you could see in the dark, or find the best restaurant in the city or could even see your heart rate while working out?


It may sound like a sci fi movie to have information available to you without glancing at a phone or computer screen. But with AR contact lenses by Mojo Vision, that idea could be a reality. 


“Mojo’s view of the world seamlessly fuses digital information onto the world around us,” is how Mojo Vision explains the concept of the lenses on their website.


Mojo Vision is a company from Saratoga, California, that has created the AR, augmented reality, contact lens.  Although they are like normal contact lenses that help improve one’s vision, Mojo aims for their lenses to include “Invisible Computing.” This creates a way for the average person to see what they need to see, when they need to see it, and not be distracted by a phone or computer. Just think of every app in your phone tied to your vision!

The idea of the lenses stemmed from the idea that optical technology could give people greater vision than just 20/20. The lenses were created by optometrists, technologists and medical experts to make sure that although effective, it’s safe for you to use. The lenses are still years away from being consumer-ready, but the prototypes through virtual reality headsets that have been tested have good reviews.


There are still questions about the future of the product like, how are the lenses going to be connected to a power source? And more importantly, could technology so close to the eye make more problems than solutions?


Still, the concept could develop the type of future we’ve only seen in the movies, giving us superhuman powers. And that’s an idea that’s worth watching for.

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Bottom image credit: Mojo Vision

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