This Micro Sized Plug-In Can Instantly Translate Any Language

This Micro Sized Plug-In Can Instantly Translate Any Language


Imagine a device that allows you to communicate fluently, seamlessly and in real-time in a country that you have never visited, while speaking to someone in a language you don’t know. Meet Zero, a simple tool that you plug into your cell phone that is shifting the way we are able to communicate with speakers of other languages. As technology advances, innovative ideas and notable products are helping to bridge the language barrier among international travelers and speakers of different languages, and Zero is that and more. Coined as, “The world’s most intelligent, portable and multi-functional translator, Zero you to get to know them for, “Reinventing the Translator for Everyone.”

The Zero device has 4 micro-sized speakers that pick up audio with precision and ultra clarity. This technology allows them to distinguish conversation as it starts, pauses and ends, with the ability to translate conversations of up to 4 people. Whether a travel companion for the solo traveler or a partner for the business owner going international on his own, Zero helps people to communicate in a way that is smaller, smarter, faster and more accurate than any of its competitors on the market


When I say smaller, I mean smaller. Zero’s creator, Timekettle wanted to create a tool that was convenient and easy to use so they made it compact. So compact they designed a specialty card case to house the device that is small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. 

With the phrase, “Communication is Connection”, on the case, The makers of Zero want their main goal and mission to always be first at hand. 


Want to learn more about Zero? Check out their website or their Indiegogo page, which was,” the highest funding translator campaign on Indiegogo in 2019”!

Image Credits: Timekettle

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