This Sustainable Clothing Company Is Making Leather Out Of Cactus

This Sustainable Clothing Company Is Making Leather Out Of Cactus

Desserto, a company from Adriano Di Marti, has created a new technique where clothing is biodegradable, animal friendly and fashionable. What’s the new technique you ask? Instead of using leather and harming animals, they make highly-sustainable leather out of cactus. 

Cactus leather has comparable features to animal and synthetic leather, such as more elasticity and breathability. The idea came from the founders, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, while working in two different industries. They realized that environmental pollution was a serious problem, and set out to use sustainable materials and processes. 


The cactus is processed by cutting the mature leaves off every six to eight months. It’s only watered by the natural rain water and earth minerals. Then once cut, they dry the leaves for days under the sun until the desired humidity level is achieved. Without using an oven or unnecessary gas or chemicals, they create an all natural product. 


Organic and eco friendly can sometimes mean a big price tag, but this isn’t the case with Desserto. Their cactus leather is in the same price range as actual leather. The company advertises their handbags, footwear and clothing, but also creates car seats out of leather. 


Desserto is nominated for the Green Product Award selection for 2020, an award dedicated to innovative and sustainable products.


For more information on Desserto’s cactus leather products visit their website.

Images: Desserto

Sources: India Times

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