These Daily Shots Can Boost Your Brainpower

These Daily Shots Can Boost Your Brainpower

When most people think of health and wellness, they often think in reference to the body alone. With a multi-billion dollar industry, and new products being launched each day for enhancing the body, its easy for one to make that correlation. But total health and wellness can’t stop at just boosting the body, It needs to extend to building the mind as well. While there are natural supplements on the market that have incredible effects on mental function and cognition like B12 and Ginko Biloba, finding the right combination & making the investment, can be intimidating. These, among many other reasons, are why products like Trubrain are carving out a path in the health and wellness space that can change the way we all think about cognitive health wellness.  


Trubrain is a daily shot of vitamins and nootropics expertly combined by neuroscientists from UCLA that boost your brain. Nootropics and smart drugs are natural and synthetic supplements that work to increase brain function, memory, and cognition. With functional ingredients like Noonpept to help boost the growth of new brain cells, Caffeine to help increase alert and attentiveness & Acetyl-L-Carnitine to boost energy production on a cellular level and more, Trubrain offers a solution for the creative or entrepreneur, office worker, student and more to get the brain food needed to power through their day. Trubrain was developed to help healthy people increase their verbal fluency and supercharge mental output. Users have said Trubrain has helped them to be more creative, motivated and focused. 

What is also setting Trubrain apart, is the ease and convenience of use. Housed in individual daily dosage packets, Trubrain’s modern design makes the supplements easy to carry, and even easier to take. Tested by EEG Analysis, third party clinical, and lab tests, Trubrain has been found to boost alpha waves in the brain which are a key sign of improved cognitive function. 

Trubrain offers a 10 day trial for $29 on their website, for those who want to try it out and see the difference Trubrain can make. 

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