Meet The Company Changing The Face of Diversity

Meet The Company Changing The Face of Diversity

Leading the charge towards a more understanding and diverse society, is a company whose passion is rooted in redefining cultural understanding and acceptance among leaders.

Surveys have shown that the majority of Americans do, in fact, like the idea of diversity, especially college-educated Americans. That thought is a starting point, but it’s often in the abstract and navigating a diverse workplace environment is entirely different and comes with unconscious biases.

While companies with diverse executive teams have shown an increased likelihood of becoming more profitable, they still tend to be in the minority. But it’s about more than who works within a company, it’s about learning to embrace the ideas of people with different backgrounds or cultures.

Driven by a CEO with decades of experience disrupting stereotypes and cultural barriers, ThirdSpace International is changing how leaders approach diversity by helping them deepen their roles as allies. 

“I am on a mission to amplify the voices of peace & justice, compassion & freedom for humankind. We are desperately in need of change in our society. This change starts one leader at a time, one heart and one voice at a time. This change demands we become the best versions of ourselves,” said ThirdSpace International CEO, Wendy Ibrahim.

All of the spaces that we gather in, that are neither work or home exist within an idea known as the “third space.” Within the intersections of these spaces, behavior and perceptions change. ThirdSpace International creates non-bias, supportive spaces and learning experiences to help leaders navigate these intersections with their teams. Through consulting, workshops, one-on-one executive training, destination retreats and more, leaders can learn the skills necessary for leading their teams with empathy.

ThirdSpace International is an innovator in this space and takes traditional diversity and soft skill training, and evolves it into invaluable leadership skills that are backed by science, compassion, and inclusivity.

The company is helping to close and fill the gaps within the diversity and inclusion world by identifying new ways to support leaders and their teams in our ever-changing society. With its approach and even its name backed by social science, ThirdSpace International changes the traditional conversations surrounding diversity, so they’re not simply about checking a box and more about leaders learning the skills to leave a legacy.

In our evolving world, we can grow together or apart. ThirdSpace International has set out to help leaders evolve through self-awareness and compassion, instead of a typical classroom diversity training program. This requires a fearless commitment to growth for leaders to make an impact on the lives of their teams and the health of their relationships in all the spaces they occupy. Using the latest methods in behavioral psychology, counseling, community healing techniques, and organizational development tools, ThirdSpace is uniquely positioning leaders to be more prepared than ever for the challenges they face.

As Jesse Jackson once said, “Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”

Want to learn more about ThirdSpace International? Visit their website, for more information. 

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