This May Be The Smartest Way To Find Your Keys In A Hurry

This May Be The Smartest Way To Find Your Keys In A Hurry

Picture this; it’s a frantic Monday morning and you have 5 minutes to get on the road to beat the traffic. In your hands you’re balancing your laptop & coffee, all while balancing your to-do list in your head. You get the kids ready and you step outside only to realize you don’t have your keys. Not only do you not have them, but you also have no idea where they could be and the last place you remember seeing them was in your toddler’s hand.  

As the rush of anxiety takes control of your last prompt minutes, with elbows deep in the toy chest, and only the sound of frantic drawers opening and closing around you, you think to yourself, “I need a better solution for my keys.” Or maybe even, “Ugh, I wish I could press a button and just find my keys!” 

We’ve all been there at one point or another, but luckily innovative companies have worked to make mornings like this a thing of the past.

The KeySmart Pro is one of those “What a great idea!” tools. It’s a smart multi-key organizer that neatly, quietly and compactly organizes up to 10 keys. With a built-in smart location finder from Tile, KeySmart Pro can help you easily locate your missing keys with an app on your phone. It even works in reverse, helping you find your missing phone.

Not only does the KeySmart store your keys, but there’s also optional tools that you can attach to your keys to make life even easier. Coming already equipped with a flashlight, bottle opener, and micro USB charging port, the KeySmart Pro can be customized even further, with optional accessories like folding knives, tools, scissors, and even a USB.  


The KeySmart Pro retails for $59.99, with other styles and accessories available. Visit their website, to see all of the options to customize and to get your own KeySmart Pro. 

Images: KeySmart

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