This Little Tube Treats Severe Mouth Pain With ZERO Drugs

This Little Tube Treats Severe Mouth Pain With ZERO Drugs

Each year 100 million adults are affected by different types of pain. 26% of those attribute their pain to severe toothache and oral pain (Alwardt, 2014). There are few pains that rival the jarring, stabbing, and sometimes excruciating pain of a toothache. 


Tooth pain can affect every area of your life. From your mood, to your social interactions, your job, your sleeping and your eating habits. Yet, if this type of pain is so prevalent, why do 30% to 55% of people with tooth pain choose to suffer through it and don’t immediately seek medical attention? (Alwardt, 2014). 

Everyone has their reasons for why they choose to not go to the Dentist; Some can’t afford the trip to the dentist while others may lack dental insurance.


Pain that requires seeing a professional requires professional-strength help when you can’t get to one. The innovators at ORCA know that in the thick of debilitating tooth pain, despite the cause, traditional over-the-counter relief is not enough. Using years of dental experience, they created a product that revolutionizes professional-strength oral pain relief. 

Inspired by the innovative dental tech tools used to relieve pain in the office, the makers of Orca spent years trying to develop a method to replicate this instant pain relief option for consumers at home. 

It wasn’t until oral surgeon and CEO, Craig Schmidtke, had an ironic stroke of genius while eating a piece of candy. While trying to remove taffy caught between his teeth, the idea came to him to turn the tech used in the office into a putty that is safe and easy to apply while providing instant, long-lasting pain relief.

Orca Oral Pain relief putty is also vegan, non-GMO, kosher, gluten & drug-free, and made with essential oils. 


Head over to Orca’s Website to learn more about Orca Pain relief and to try it for yourself.


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*Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by ORCA Oral Care Products

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