This Genius Window Screen is Nearly Invisible and Even a Hammer Can’t Break It

This Genius Window Screen is Nearly Invisible and Even a Hammer Can’t Break It

Be honest, how many holes are in the screens you have in your windows at home? 2? 10? Be honest! If your screens are anything like mine, it’s probably a lot. It’s hard to find the motivation to do anything about it, though, because screens are annoying! They are typically very difficult to get in and out, they damage so easily, and at the end of the day, you wish you didn’t even need them.

FlexScreen is a new company that actually fixed all of these problems, and it’s no wonder it was a huge hit on Shark Tank! FlexScreen is the world’s first and only flexible window screen, and it puts traditional fragile and weak window screens to shame with its patented flex technology.

FlexScreen is easy to install and just as easy to remove, super-tough (seriously you can take a hammer to it), and practically invisible. It’s the perfect solution for replacing your old, beat-up window screens, and you’ll barely even know that FlexScreen is there!

As if landing a deal on Shark Tank with Lori Grenier, and reinventing traditional window screens was not enough, FlexScreen Inventor and CEO, Joe Altieri, has also reinvented the buying process. You don’t even have to measure before you buy – which doesn’t make sense until you find out that the screens actually cost the same no matter what size you buy (which, if you think about it, is kind of nuts).

FlexScreen is so confident that this is “the last screen you will ever need to buy” that each screen comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Flexscreen

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